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Below is a carefully compiled list of the most important equipment I use when creating my books.

Pentel Mechanical Pencil

This is the mechanical pencil I always use for my drawings, although I now refill it with B lead as I prefer the hardness (despite being told to use 2B in art class). Be a rebel!

Berol Fineliner

Just like we used at school, the Berol fineliner is my go to pen when I’m inking my drawings. I know some artists swear by the more expensive brands, but Berol has always done me proud.

Staedtler Rubber

The classic rubber, I prefer to use these hard rubbers rather than the squishy putty rubbers. I also find coloured rubbers smudge, so stick to white!

Staedtler Sharpener

A good quality metal sharpener is a must for getting those pencils nice and pointy. You could always use a mechanical pencil like myself, but I like to keep this handy just in case my lead runs out!

Wacom Intuos

When it comes to drawing on a computer, there’s plenty of choices of pen tablets out there, but I’ve always used Wacom as they’re accurate and reliable.

Apple iPad

Most of my final illustrations are completed on my iPad using Procreate, an amazing and affordable app that has a ton of features. No I’m not sponsored by Procreate, it really is just awesome.

Procreate if you’re reading this, I’m open to sponsorship…

Apple Pencil

You can’t draw on an iPad without an Apple Pencil, so this is a must have for any digital art.

I suppose you could use your finger, but you might find your art looks somewhat cruder than usual…

I hope you found this list helpful! I will continue to update it as technology changes, and will supply links to the closest match available.


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