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Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals is an A-Z of curious creatures from around the world!
Even wondered what a quokka is? Well then this is the book for you! And even better it’s free!

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Fantastic Fruit

Fantastic Fruits is an A-Z of fruit from around the world, featuring lots of colourful characters.
Learn facts including which is the most popular fruit in the world, which is the sweetest, and which tastes the best in a burger!

My Nan is a Ninja 

Tim’s nan has a secret.
Nobody knows her secret, nobody except Tim that is.
Most people would think his nan is just the same as any other nan. They’d be wrong though – Tim’s nan is a ninja!
Whenever Tim and his nan are together, excitement is not far away as she uses her skills to save the day.

My Nan is a Ninja! Is an action-packed book you’ll want to read again and again! And the kids will enjoy it too.


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