Hi, I’m Tom Plum

I’m an author, illustrator and the lucky father of two beautiful, funny, little boys. They keep me on my toes and are a constant source of inspiration! I’m also married to a very patient wife who looks after us all and keeps everything in order! We live in sunny Suffolk on the East Coast of England, where I spend a lot of my time in nature enjoying the sun, the rain and everything in between.

Growing Up

At school English and Art and they were by far my favourite subjects, and were always lessons I looked forward to. I continued my art through college and university and graduated with a degree in Animation Design. I’ve worked on a number of jobs and projects since then, but over time I found I was using my artistic abilities less and less.

Becoming a Father

After becoming a father, and gaining two new muses, my creativity suddenly sprang into action once more. Having two young boys I quickly became very familiar with the world of illustrated children’s books and realised that this is what I wanted to do. Children’s books would be the perfect medium to combine my passion for writing and drawing.

Becoming an Author

I have successfully self-published my first two books, and one free ebook. I have continued to learn and improve my skills over the years and I now have one more book I’d like to complete and then I will start the quest to find an agent! 

For those interested in how it all began, I have archived some of my old blog posts that followed my progress up to publishing my first book. 
Click HERE to take a look.


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