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Introducing 'My Nan is a Ninja' the first of many exciting books by Tom Plum!

Front Cover
Mrs K. 

‘Read this to my grandaughters aged 5 and 2. They were both enthralled. Loved the artwork.
The 5 year old described it as: “epic and awesome. I like the pictures, I really like the picture of all the Nans being a ninja.” She then read it herself again several times over.’


‘I read this to my 5 year old. She sat quietly enthralled as we read each page. The illustrations set off the story perfectly. Highly recommend and look forward to future books.’

Ms. S. J. Engledew

‘Fantastic book, great to read for kids and to grow with as they get older due to the language within it. The illustrations are lovely and colourful, and the story and themes make for an exciting read for both kid and adults, will be recommending to several friends and family members with children!’


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